Chakra Thread

Based on the ancient energy system, each chakra thread charm bracelet is inspired by a chakra and bears its Sanskrit name. Tiny Japanese beads and a silver or gold charm on silk thread. With an adjustable clasp, extend from 13-20cm. Heartstrings adjust from a choker to 55cm (22”) in length.

Sahaswara - crown chakra - understanding, knowing, bliss
Ajna - third eye chakra - wisdom, in-sight, guidance, ideas, focus, vision, intuition
Vishuddha - throat chakra - communication, expression, truth, creative
Anahata - heart chakra - love, grace, compassion, peace
Manipura - solar plexus chakra - esteem, power, light, centred, radiance, courage, joy
Svadhisthana - sacral chakra - desire, passion, pleasure, sensual, energy, creativity, flowing, birth, inner truth
Muladhara - base chakra - grounded, connected,safe, nourished, belonging, strength, sexuality, physical

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